How I Date 2 Women of Age Over 40 on Senior Dating Sites

Here is the dating story of Mark who finds his life partner after losing his wife, job and kids. He took the help from free senior dating sites and was lucky enough to date 2 women.  But every love story is not as easy as a cakewalk. He was rejected and being in a state of depression. Read his full dating experience on online senior dating sites-

My name is Mark Carey, I am of age 46. Here is my dating story and I hope you will like it.

I lost my wife 4 years back in a car accident. After that accident, my kids started staying with one of her aunts. I was lonely, depress and had nothing to do. I lost my job as well due to the continuous state of depression and my business connections were also not active.

That was a state of desperation, dullness which I had to survive somehow. I also tried to contact my university friends in order to spend some quality time but my bad luck; all were busy in their business. Luckily, one day my old friend called me and suggested me to find a dating partner in order to get out of this dull and desperation mode.

I just had a laugh and said, “You think, a dumbass like me can get a girlfriend at the age of 45?”

He said, “You still have blossoms man, give it a try”.

I said okay and let’s meet this weekend.

So we both met and he suggested me some free dating sites in the USA in order to find a perfect partner. We tried over 10 websites but none of them had genuine profiles or they seem fake.

Finally, I registered on a website specially designed for senior dating over 40. After completing all the details, I uploaded my profile pic and filled out all the necessary details.

“The hunt has begun”

On day 1, I didn’t get any matches despite being online for 3-4 hours. Same happened on day 2 and day 3 as well. I lost all my hope and call my friend again in order to say him, “online senior dating sites are a dead end and I am just done with it”.

He only told me to be patient and try to make my profile more attractive in order to get a match quickly. Days passed and nothing happened. I tried to make myself busy doing some photography with my old camera. Time was just flowing. On one day I was about to go sleep and a message pop up on my Hotmail account. It read “Emilia has sent you a message” followed by the link of that dating website on which I signed up.

I quickly opened my mail only to find out who is she? She was a lady who was looking for a casual dating partner in the same area of my locality. I was excited. I thought, finally I got a match.

To describe Emilia, She was in her early 40s, fair skin and black hair. Her profile picture was good and I send her a quick reply. I send her a reply in order to get her full name and more details about her.

To my surprise, she was online and it was a late night. We both started talking with each on the chatting option provided on the dating site. Without wasting any time, I asked for her mobile number. She said NO, and told me to “we will talk in the morning” and said Goodbye.

In a moment she went offline as well.

Wait, what just happened?

I was in a shocking state that everything was going well and I made a big mistake by asking her mobile number. Did I was not supposed to do so? I lost all my hopes again and try to get sleep but that big No from her keep revolving in my mind. Somehow by taking a pill, I slept.

Next morning, I was waiting for a reply again but as my bad luck continues she was not even online. Around late night she messaged me again. “A 10 digit number followed by the code”. I knew it was her mobile number. Without wasting a single second, I dial her number and she was there on the other side of the phone.

We talked for around 2 hours. To my surprise, she was very close to my house and I also asked her for a casual date on the upcoming weekend. She accepted readily and I knew I was in the game. I called my friend to told him all this matter and he said, “Your luck is back man, now give your best shot”.

In the meantime, I searched for some dating places to meet her but we both decided to meet in a café. It raised my confidence to cloud 9 and I started feeling like I am in my 20s again.

The game day arrived.

It was Saturday and we both were ready to date. I call her in the nearby café and she arrived. She was cool just like her profile picture. But honestly, I expect her to be more beautiful. We talked, discussed many things and asked the possibility for a relationship.

But, it didn’t work out as per my expectations. Her perspective was much different from mine. And we both agreed to a NO. All that hard work and patience just went in vain. I returned to my home depressed. I slept. Two days after, I get another mail from a woman, Paula. But I was not interested anymore. Another of her message came to my mail.

“Hi, I am interested in dating you, here is my number –”.

This time I didn’t have to ask for her number. She had no profile picture and didn’t seem genuine to me. But I call her and we both agreed for a date. This time I read some senior dating tips to make a good impression.

We met. This was the 2nd time I was meeting with a stranger in order to make her my life partner. Sounds crazy but life was full of surprises. She arrived and recognized me.

With all almighty, she was Beautiful just like I wanted my dating partner to be.

We both talked. Paula had the same perspective of life just like I had.

We dated for 3 months, traveled to a lot of places and started knowing each other quite a bit.

After that, we decide to get married in a church.

She is my wife now and I am very happy being with her.

I thanked my pal who suggested me best senior dating sites and it worked perfectly for me. It’s like a dream come true to get a dating partner even at the age over 40. Thanks to online senior dating which is now talk of the town.

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