New to Online Dating? Ask These 5 First Date Questions!

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Online dating is all the rage; people all over the world finding it the most convenient way to find a compatible partner to date, love, and hang out. On top of that, the availability of a plethora of dating websites has made it a child’s play to connect to people with similar interests, hobbies, and point of view towards life. First date questions and ideas help in expressing ourselves better and result in increasing confidence.

Most of the dating websites, especially senior dating sites over 60 aims at bringing all its users a partner who is seriously looking for dating. The only step you have to take is to find a reliable website such as Elders Dating (one of the best free senior dating sites) and provide your specific partner preferences, and the website will do the rest.

No matter either you are looking out primarily for the senior dating or that teenage love, seriously, there are plenty of websites out there, where you can find like-minded partners. So you have decided to go for internet dating and found a website for the same as well.

Start conversing with these solid “First Date Questions”.

However, if you are shy or introvert, then it may be real rocket science for you to impress someone in your first conversation. Worried? Don’t be; I have got your back, and therefore, provide you 5 First Date Questions that can leave an everlasting impression on the one you want. Have a look:


It becomes easier to connect to someone who has the same mindset as that of you. Therefore, beginning the conversation with this question will also help the other person to come to his/her comfort zone. Who knows you may bump into your soulmate. This could also happen that the person may partake in some adventure activity you have always been longing to do.


One of the biggest advantages of online dating is that you get to meet people from different places and different backgrounds. Asking this question would help you know about the person a bit more. Additionally, it will also make you understand their beliefs and other things.


One of my friends who founded her soul mate from a random dating app told me that discussing over the dream destination was the very first thing that made her clear about choosing his husband. Whenever she and her husband asked this question, it was a matter of surprise that both were wanted to visit the same place.

Therefore, ask your mate about the places he/she had already visited along with the trips in his/her bucket list ideas. You might end up in making future travel plans in the first conversation only.


Music is the best companion one could ever have, and every individual has a different taste in that. Therefore, ask that person about the music or movies they love to listen or watch. And if you are lucky enough to meet someone who has a similar taste as that of yours, then it would definitely be easy to have bonded with that person. It’s actually a win-win situation.


It has been rightly said that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. This question can do things in your favor. Wondering how? If things go well, and you would take that person on a date, then you would already know their food choice. This is sufficient to impress someone. Don’t forget to ask.

Don’t overstress yourself, find the best senior dating sites or the sites that have been especially meant the people of your age group, and start making friends. Take help of the above questions to ask on a first date and go find a dating partner.

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