How to Start a Conversation With Almost Every Girl

In the world full of judgmental people around you, it is not easy to speak your heart out. Especially, if you want to talk (for the first time) to someone you like, every random question that comes up to your mind must be given a second thought. However, this may take a toll on you, and the lack of confidence may reflect in your conversation. Then what to do? How to impress the girl of your dreams? How to start a conversation with a girl? Is it rocket science? Is there any hard or fast rule to be followed?

Should I use a cheesy pickup line? Stop! Stop getting indulged in mental gymnastics and give this article a read to know some solid conversation starters. 

3 tips on how to start a conversation with a girl you like

Well, a lot of guys, especially the introverts, find it a bit difficult to maintain eye contact and look for the signs to know if the girl wants to be approached or not. Once they find out, the very next question that troubles them is how to approach her and take the conversation rolling towards a coffee date. 

  • Go with the flow

Knowing what to say in a particular situation is something that doesn’t need a space in your head. Keep things simple and observe your surroundings. It’s just you, her, and the environment you need to make the whole conversation natural and comfortable for both of you. 

Depending upon where you meet, a coffee shop, gym, or club, you can set the ice-breaker. On the off chance, if you visit the place quite often and have also noticed her, then you can ask like “I have noticed you around, but I don’t think we have met. I am XYZ, and you?”. If it is your first visit to the place, then you can start with, “I am here for the first time, have you been here before?”. 

In case, if you feel that the environment could be one of the topics to talk with a girl, then you can say something about the music playing or the drink/food, or simply the weather. 

  • Keep your pocket full of confidence

It is undeniable that confident people leave a positive impression on everyone. Therefore, hold your ground with a strong sense of yourself. Once you make her comfortable, you can speak to your heart’s content. Remember! Don’t say anything that you regret later because even if you like that girl but she is still a stranger to you. 

If you think you are not that good at face-to-face conversation, then you can also read our other articles to know how to start a conversation with a girl on text. While texting you don’t see the other person so doesn’t have the pressure to maintain the eye contact, this might make you be yourself and start a good chat. 

  • Know your limits

Don’t rush for the things! It is totally understandable that holding her hand or hugging her is what everyone likes, but going it for too early and that too without knowing what she wants is something you should always keep in mind. Additionally, understand the difference between friendly and flirtatious touch. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable. 

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