5 Telltale Signs He is Crazy for You

“He likes me” “He doesn’t like me” “He likes me” “He doesn’t like me”….. if this is what you are presently doing, with a rose in your hand, to know if a co-worker, a gym buddy, a classmate or someone you met in the party last night at your friend’s place is into you or not, then you are definitely wasting your time. Most of the men believe that they are good at hiding their feelings, but when it comes to love, they aren’t. Here, we have listed those five signs that are the straight answer to your question “How to know if a guy likes you”.

If you are also crushing over a man and want to know if the feeling is mutual or not, then this article is exclusively for you. You might also end up proposing your dream partner after reading these dating signs below.

How to Know If a Guy Likes You

  1. Change in the Body Language 

“Actions speak louder than words” this is not just a saying, but it can do wonder in your case. Notice the little things such as his facial expressions when he looks at you, how he behaves when he sits close to you, if he readjusts the fit of his shirt or straighten his tie or get conscious about his hair. It could be anything, believe me, you will automatically get to know the change in his behavior when he is with you and with others. 

  1. Responding to your texts without delay

Every messaging or chatting application comes up with such an option that doesn’t let the sender know that the recipient has read your message. But, if he replies to your message as soon as it delivers, then he is definitely into you. Here, we are not talking about the professional messages, but the ones where you ask about a coffee break, having lunch together or some weekend plan. 

  1. Tries to figure out your relationship status

If he stalks your social media profile or gets friendly with your friends just to know a bit more about your personal life, especially, your relationship status, then he might be seriously interested in you.  

  1. Endless questioning 

If he wants to know everything (family, likes, dislikes) about you or wish to have your opinion on the important decisions of his life, then he could be the one. This is actually a good sign for you. Here, you can start searching for the tips for “how to tell a guy you like him”. 

  1. He speaks about you to his friends 

So someone just bumped into office/college/gym to meet him, and luckily, you are there at the reception or guest room or visiting room. If his friends know you before he or you introduce yourself then this is a positive sign that it is more than just friendship between you two. 

In this world of casual dating, it is rare to find someone who is seriously into you. So, when you find such a person, and you know he also likes you, then don’t delay to express what you feel. Who knows, you two could be the next Romeo and Juliet. 

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